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20 Simple Life Hacks You Can’t Help But Wonder How You’ve Spent Your Entire Life Without


Life is difficult even with assistance, but without any help, it can seem unbearable. Still, if you just wait around for someone to help you, you’ll probably end up feeling alone. That’s why learning to help yourself is a big part of happiness, and you can easily give yourself a hand around the house if you just learn are trick or two. These twenty ingenious hacks will save you a lot of time end effort on pointless tasks which you can then spend in a more fruitful way.

1. Get the kernels out


Source: reddit | PatrickAllen13

2. Never mix up your keys again

Imagine what you could do with that precious time you lose going through your keys. Use nail polish to color-coordinate them, and they will look much nicer too.



3. No quarter?

No problem. Stuffing a key into a coin slot shopping cart, just make sure you don’t forget your key when you leave!


Source: reddit | Tomnomnomas

4. Never worry about thieves at the beach


Source: reddit | TheDanimal8888

5. Tape your toes when wearing heels

It may seem odd, but taping your toes when wearing high heels will help alleviate pain in your feet so you can dance away the night.


Source: reddit | PersianBambina

6. Wire holders

Isn’t it annoying when you unplug your phone or computer and the cord falls onto the ground? You can easily prevent it from happening by using some office clips.


Source: drbakker | Lifehacking

7. Out of recycling space?

You can use cardboard to add a secondary level of storage to your recycling bin, but check the recycling guidelines in your area to make sure cardboard is being recycled.


Source: reddit | sans_pulp

8. Peel your eggs easily


Source: reddit | drvoltic | interestinglifehacks.com

9. Drunken salad

Small alcohol bottles make salad dressing containers!


Source: reddit | sciamoscia

10. Trick people into thinking you’re mature


Source: Facebook | Men’s Humor

11. Corkscrewed

If push comes to shove and you have a wine bottle but no corkscrew, you can embed a screw into the cork and then use a hammer to pry it out.


Source: reddit | xventriloquist

12. Pop the top

Poke a straw through a strawberry to easily pop the stem off.


Source: reddit | [deleted]

13. A perfect ice cream sandwich

Slice directly through your ice cream carton for perfectly circular ice cream sandwich centers.


Source:Food 4 Less

14. Use the force

If you’re struggling with a tightly sealed jar, grab some duct tape. Attach a long strip of tape to the lid and pull on the excess tape.


Source: reddit | kr100

15. The endless applications of the potatoe

Aside from their culinary qualities, potatoes also work really well as a safe and effective way to remove broken light bulb sockets. The potato will protect your hand and grip the socket for easy removal.


Source: reddit | happyperson

16. Tank hanger

Don’t waste multiple hangers on your tank top collection; instead, use shower curtain rings on a single hanger. Del Griffith would be proud!


Source: reddit | kvnmahan

17. Stripped screws

If you’re struggling with cheap screws, a simple elastic band can save you a lot of nerves, time and energy.


Source: Instructables | Vyger | Gregory Han | Apartment Therapy

18. Standing tacos

If you ever thought “I sure could use an extra pair of hands” while devouring a taco, you’ll love this one: use a fork to keep your taco shell balanced so that you have two free hands to load on the fixings with.


Source: reddit | bmc143

19. No more tangled wires

If you have a box or drawer overstuffed with a nightmarish tangle of interweaving wires and chargers you might want to use toilet paper rolls to easily store your cords and get rid of that tangled mess.


Source: Instructables | berserk

20. No more butt splash

Aside from a dirty toilet seat, the automatic toilet flush is a terrifying public bathroom feature, splashing cold water across your backside when you’re least expecting it. Luckily, it can be avoided by hanging a piece of tissue paper over the sensor.


Source: reddit | 8_Hearty_Ropes
Main image via reddit / 8_Hearty_Ropes
Collage images via 1. Gregory Han / Apartment Therapy 2. Instructables / Vyger 3. reddit / xventriloquist

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