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20 DIY Items Made With Stuff From The Dollar Store


The dollar store is one of this generation’s greatest invention. You go there and find really cool and cheap stuff for… well, a dollar. But did you know that you can take all of those dollar store items that have seemingly little to no use and actually turn them into some really cool DIY projects? Well, now you know that you can. And here are some of the easiest and coolest ones, as compiled by Diply.

1. A couple of plastic kids toys make really good bookends

20 DIY Items Made With Stuff From The Dollar Store 1

Source: Mad in Crafts

2. Check out this DIY serving dish using a toy dinosaur!

Points for price, difficulty-to-make and presentation! Just imagine the look on your friends’ faces when you serve them Oreos on a plate like this…

20 DIY Items Made With Stuff From The Dollar Store 2

Source: Three Little Monkeys

3. Artificial flowers on top of pushpins

This is good should you want to jazz up your bulletin board.



4. Ceramic mugs

These are everywhere in the dollar store. Paint these with some oil based paint with the theme of your choice, wait for them to dry and pop them in the oven for 10 minutes at 350 Fahrenheit (around 180C) and you have some really cool DIY decorated mugs.



5. Other ceramic items

A quick coat of spray paint turns those ugly ceramic owl decorations into something much more minimalist and cool.


Source: My Mommy Style

6. A DIY deco vase

Don’t spend tons of money on an actual deco vase, instead grab a glass cylinder and some spray paint from the dollar store and you’ll get an expensive looking deco vase that is not actually expensive at all!


Source: Two Twenty One

7. Some Mod Podge and nice-looking scrapbook paper can make for a really pretty dollar store clipboard makeover


Source: The Crazy Craft Lady

8. Artificial pear decorations?

Don’t get some expensive plastic ones, just take some old lightbulbs and wrap them in dollar store twine.


Source: My Love of Style

9. Mirror boxes

These will make for some very cool and chic decorations around the house, and no one will know that they’re just a few small mirrors stuck together.


Source: Hi Sugarplum!

10. A tin tray and candle holder allows you to elevate your soap in style


Source: Liz Marie Blog

11. A tacky stove burner turned magnetic sticky note board


Source: Rosyscription

12. DIY traveling tic-tac-toe

Damn, that’s a lot of T’s. This one couldn’t be simpler. Using a Sharpie, draw a tic-tac-toe board on a cloth bag and decorate it with some of those pretty rocks from the store. Instant traveling tic-tac-toe.


Source: Suburbia Unwrapped

13. A really nice piece of art made using thumbtacks and a canvas


Source: LiveLoveDIY

14. Plastic tubs can make for some excellent and practical storage


Source: Lemons, Lavender, & Laundry

15. A cool mail station using wire baskets and a bit of spray paint


Source: A House Full Of Sunshine

16. А bowl and margarita glass = elevated dip & chip bowl


Source: Diana Rambles

17. Five picture frames added together make for an amazing hurricane lantern


Source: Grosgrain

18. Cheap picture frames around the light switch covers gives them an instant upgrade


Source: Me Myself and DIY

19. Spray paint fridge alphabet magnets in gold

Just to give them a more refined look.


Source: Inspried By Charm

20. A rubber mat and some spray paint make for an excellent wall decor.


Source: Salvage Dior 

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