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Ingenious DIY Kitchen Space Saving Hack Using Hooks And Hangers


No matter how big your kitchen is, you can always use some extra space. Many people who were about to move into apartments with bigger kitchens have made the wrong assumption that their endless searches for a free cupboard are about to end, only to discover that this twice as big new kitchen suddenly seems as tiny as the old one.

Luckily, there are some ingenious DIY kitchen hacks that will help you keep one step ahead of the clutter!

This DIY project will show you how to save a lot of space through a creative way of storing the lids to your pots and pans.

All you need are four stick-on hooks and two plastic hangers for each cabinet door. If you have more space, you can always add more. It’s recommended that you go for the sturdy metal ones to have them last as long as possible. You won’t regret spending an extra few bob couple of years from now.

1. Fasten the hooks


Attach the first two hooks inside the cabinet door. Make sure the area is clean and dry before installing them. Place the first two hooks approximately 4 inches from the top, and leave the same distance between them.

2. Attach the plastic hanger


Turn the plastic hanger upside down and slide it over the hooks. The underside should fit onto the top of the metal divots comfortably.

3. Create a second tier

Apply the next two hooks about two inches below the bottom of the hanger. These hooks should be placed in such a way that they line up directly beneath the upper two. Make sure you place them about 4 inches from the bottom edge of the door.

4. Secure the second hanger

Repeat Step 2 using the bottom hooks.

5. Slide in the lids


Start with the largest pot lid and slide it behind the top plastic hanger. Its handle should fit just above the horizontal end. Next, take a smaller lid and slide it in front of the larger one. The small one should fit comfortably into the triangular part of the hanger. Repeat the process using the bottom hanger.


Cool, or what?

Source:FoodLifeHacks, tiphero

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