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How To Make An Adorable Liquid Cat Bookmark For You Cat & Book Lovers Out There

DIY Liquid Cat Bookmark

Cats truly are beloved creatures. They are gorgeous animals, excellent pets (well, some of them) and have a huge Internet following.

I mean, seriously, how many views did that last cat video you saw have? Exactly.

You probably love cats just as much I do, and you want to have at least some sort of thing that looks like a cat, just to show people your “true love”.

Well, I have good news for you. If you read books a lot, here’s how to make a DIY liquid cat bookmark!

Liquid Cat Bookmark 1

Out of all the DIY things I have seen so far, this has to be the cutest.

Not only is it shaped like a little round fat cat, it also has a see-through belly, complete with… digestive juices? And fishies, indicating that this cat bookmark has just had lunch.

Don’t worry, the liquid is not actually a cat’s digestive juices, it’s just green dishwashing soap.

Liquid Cat Bookmark 2

All it takes is a few different colors of cardstock, some dishwashing soap, a zip-lock bag and some yarn.

The end result is perhaps the cutest and most unique bookmark I have ever seen.

DIY Liquid Cat Bookmark 1

One thing I would add is using different colors of cardstock to match your cat if you have one.

That would mean I would have to use three sheets of gray cardstock then…

But, enough about me. Check out the video to see how this adorable little kitty shaped bookmark is made:

Source:Troom Troom

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