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A DIY “Magic” Notebook To Scribble On When You’re Bored In Class


Crafting is fun, whichever way you look at it. There are tons of different things you can make by crafting, and in most cases, it only requires a few items you probably have lying around the house.

People tend to describe a lot of things as “magic”. Sadly magic like in cartoons and fairytales doesn’t really exist, in the crafting world, magic has its own meaning.

As such, here’s magical back-to-school notebook!


With winter break ending soon, and school already starting for most people, there are certain things that we need when we go back to school.

I’m sure you’ve all scribbled on the cover pages of your notebook when you were bored in class. Well, INNOVA manualidades is so sure, so she has decided to take scribbling on your notebook to the next level, with her magic notebook.

She starts by drawing on the cover of the notebook using several different-colored fluorescent markers


She then uses a laminating sheet to plasticize the cover of the notebook


She uses tape just to make sure it’s covered up as safely as possible


The next step is painting over the sheet with some black acrylic paint. Make sure to  cover it up evenly and with a thick coat


After the paint has dried, use a pencil or a cocktail stick to draw on the cover. When you draw, the colorful marker patterns will appear!

When drawing, you’re essentially scrubbing off the acrylic paint, revealing the marker colors beneath.


This is guaranteed to attract the attention of the person sat next to you in the classroom. If you want to take scribbling on your notebook to the next level, you should definitely take a look at this video.

Source:INNOVA manualidades

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