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12 DIY In-A-Hurry Manicure Tricks


Yes, manicure is not something to be taken lightly and to be approached in a hurry. Yes, this is a task that is better left to professionals as the health of our nails is as important as the health of any other body part. And yes, this is not something that you should turn to regularly, but it is a great once-in-a-while last resort when you are in a hurry beyond all reason, but the occasion is too important to tackle with unmanicured nails.

So always keep these twelve tricks in mind, but make sure you use them sparingly.

1. Quick Dry with Ice Water

When you only have five minutes at your disposal to fully dry your nails, let them air dry for two minutes and dunk them in ice cold water for three minutes.


2. Fix a Broken Nail with a Teabag

Snap part of a teabag off and place it on the broken nail. Seal it with a top coat and more nail polish. It should keep the nail in place until it heals naturally.


3. Easy Glitter Nail Polish Removal

Simply take five cotton balls and tear them in half so you end up with ten pieces. Soak them in nail polish and place them on your nails. Cover your nails and the soaked cotton with aluminum foil and wait five minutes. When removing, apply a bit of pressure and wipe the glitter off.


4. Shellac No-Chip Manicure at Home

Do your own Shellac manicure without using Shellac and save up by using these products: Sally Hansen’s Powerful Acrylic Gel, Sally Hansen’s No Chip Acrylic Top Coat and a nail polish of your choice.


5. Scale Nail Designs Using a Loofah

Pull apart a regular loofah you would use in the shower so you have one ‘sheet’ of loofah as shown in the second image. Cover your painted nail with it and press on a different color using a sponge. You should end up with an artistic pattern.


6. Make Your Own Nail Dotting Tool

Grab a pencil and stick a pin in it (needle side in the eraser) and you can start dotting!


7. No Smudge in No Time

If you don’t have time to let your nails dry properly, simply spray Pam or another cooking oil spray on them and you’ll be good to go.


8. Remove Yellow Stains

After removing dark polishes, you may notice a yellowish tint on your nails. You can remove these stains by soaking or scrubbing your nails in a variety of mixtures such as lemon juice, baking soda and peroxide, or whitening toothpaste!


9. Remove a Messy Polish

Dip a thin paint brush into nail polish remover and trace the edges of your nail to clean it up.


10. How to Properly Paint

Follow these instructions to paint your nails like a pro!


11. How to Properly Apply Chunky Glitter

The best way to apply nail polishes containing chunky glitter is by dabbing and spreading. Dab on a dollop of the glitter nail polish and lightly spread it around until it is even. Do not brush!


12. Apply Multiple Thin Coats

Instead of applying one or two thick coats of nail polish, apply multiple very thin coats to keep your nails looking tidy and the polish last longer.



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