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Natasha Rose’s DIY Minimalist Room Decor For All Those Minimalists Out There


2015, 2016 and now 2017 seem to be the years of minimalism. In the past, everything had OTT blobby fonts, and laser light shows and things like that.

Nowadays, everything is very minimalistic. As if everything’s being done with white text on a black background, and vice versa.

There’s nothing wrong with minimalism, at least IMO, and if you share this opinion too, Natasha Rose’s DIY minimalist room decor is for you!

The first one definitely left a big impression on me: a flower pot phone charger combo!

All it takes is a flower pot with a hole in the bottom, some cardboard, and a few fake succulent plants. The result is an insanely cool minimalist decoration for your room that can also double as a hidden phone charger. Your phone will be mesmerized by the smell of the flowers and will charge much faster. Okay, I made that part up.

Next up, a fully white clock.

This one is extremely minimalist. All it is just a regular quartz clock for your wall. Natasha disassembles it, paints the whole thing white, and then reassembles it.

I would suggest maybe just painting on the individual minute and hour lines on the clock, but that’s just what I say. If you want to be totally minimalist, just leave it fully white!

And lastly, we have this minimalistic calendar

The font on the calendar more than reminds me of vaporwave, but let’s not get too much into that.

I’ll step in again with a suggestion, you should do this for all months of the year, just to save you from printing another one of these every time a new month comes along.

We think this these minimalist room decorations are definitely cool, but what do you think?

If you share our opinion, I suggest you give this video a watch.

Get it? Watch? Because, you know, there’s a clock in the video? Oh nevermind, I suck at this.

Source:Natasha Rose

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