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DIY Modern Dog House Tutorial


The earliest records of dog houses date back to Ancient Egypt, where as early as 4,500 BC the nobility housed their dogs in separate mud-brick kennels. Ancient Egyptians rated dogs highly both as pets and hunting partners, employed dog trainers and even considered some dogs “messengers from God”.

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In this video shared last November, Glen from DIY Creators will take you through the whole process of creating a large, modern, comfortable dog house for your beloved pooch. Glen is a system designer for an automation company who loves doing DIY projects in his spare time. His videos are made for entertainment, to inspire and to teach. His ultimate goal is to simplify the construction process, so even laymen and beginners feel confident enough to give it a shot.

Besides, your adorable dog deserves it.

A best friend, a house guard and generally a whole bunch of love, and you’ll finally be able to repay him. Or her! Make it with love, and your pup will feel it and reward you with even more hugs.

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