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The Perfect Laundry Room In 7 Square Feet For Less Than $400


Mother of six, Ronda Batchelor, knows her laundry. Going through several rounds weekly, she got sick of how inefficient her laundry room space was. Taking matters in her own hands, with a budget of just $400 and lots of innovative spirit, Rhonda created a masterpiece of a laundry room.

The 7 feet by 6.5 feet was what Ronda had to work with. By using a space saving stacked washer and dryer configuration she made the most of the confined space.


Ronda tasked her children in bringing their dirty clothes to the laundry rooms themselves at least once a week. She outfitted the room with deep sorting bins for each child. The kids are expected to do their own sorting.


The mom runs the washer and dryer, then puts the clothes into their respective baskets/drawers. The kids are responsible for retrieving their clean clothes from the drawers, which they can pull out and carry to their bedrooms for cabinet sorting.


The family has a lot of clothing that cannot go in the dryer. That’s why Ronda added homemade pull-out dryer racks


They are made from dowels and mesh that can be purchased at The Dollar Store


Behind all of them, there is a fan controlled by a switch on the wall that automatically sets off a timer


And, voila!


Ronda installed a faux marble countertop and gave it a glass-like finish using an epoxy. By going faux, the countertop is light and easy to remove, which is handy if any plumbing repairs are needed


There’s a hanging bar above the countertop with lots of hangers and plenty of room


Of course, every laundry room has to have an ironing place. This one has a fold-down ironing board on the wall hidden by cabinet doors when not in use


The door leading to it is a re-used door that Ronda’s son had found and used for a haunted house. It is an old barn-style door with a window and the word “Laundry” written on it


Ronda’s husband says that whenever his wife has a burst of creativity, they go out and look for reusable items and pieces at second-hand stores, garage sales, and even dumpsters. As a one-income family with six kids, the Batchelors show that DIY is all about the creativity.

Watch the video to have Ronda Batchelor walk you through her  7 square foot laundry kingdom.


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