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How To Make A Quick DIY Popsocket For Your Phone


Phones are not complete without a beautiful case or something that gives that little extra spark to them. Of course there are thousand of cases you can buy but there is nothing like a quick DIY project because it’s your own little creation.

A big struggle we have with our phones is when they slip from our hands. You know you have that one friend who’s still using the phone with a shattered screen. Or, maybe you’re that friend.

YouTube channel ‘DIY with Misha’ is a very helpful channel where you learn various DIY’s that are very quick to make. In this one, she is teaching us how to make a popsocket for our phones.


All you need to do is have two suction cups, glue and paper. The suction cups help to suck on the back of the phone and glue helps to put together different paper designs.


 Quick and easy!

Take a look at the video down below and tell us what you think of this DIY.

Source:DIY With Misha

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