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Three Creative DIY Gifts For The Men In Your Life


Do you sometimes feel underwhelmed by the generic nature of the usual presents bought for men? Do you sometimes feel like your presents lack the necessary personal character and flair? We have all been there.

Since we are not superhuman, it is also perfectly normal to sometimes run a bit late with our gift shopping lists. For such circumstances, we bring you Natasha Rose’s great DIY tutorial about personal, homemade presents for your friends, dads, brothers etc.

1. Emergency m&m’s dispenser1

Any guy who likes his candy will absolutely adore this present. All you need is a shadowbox frame, a piece of glass and some alphabet stickers.

2. Movie-night kit2

Find any kind of basket, and fill it up with all the snacks you both like, bring the box to your friend’s place and re-live those unforgettable movie nights you’ve spent together.

3. Shots kit3

Get together and start chucking ’em down the hatch. Simples.

So easy but so effective, and her commenters love them too. With one gushing…

“Your videos are always so creative, informative, and cute !:)”

Watch here.

Source:Natasha Rose

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