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15 DIY Projects That Will Add Some Spice To Your Home


In a world where doing everything in your home yourself is really cool, tons of social media platforms have dedicated accounts and/or posted different DIY projects that will not only allow you to get creative and crafty but will also set you apart from your friends who just came back from IKEA and bought expensive decorative items.

To set yourself apart, take a look at this gallery of DIY items that will add some spice to your home.

1. A rustic candle holder

Better than a standard candle holder at the very least.

15 DIY Projects That Will Add Some Spice To Your Home 1
Source: Ella Claire

2. Address wall planter

Not only will you get to hang the plant on your wall, but it adds a whole new flavor to your home too! Particularly if you try your best to blend the wood with the color of your wall.

Source: Shanty 2 Chic

3. Floating shelf

Source: Place Of My Taste

4. Artificial magnolia wreaths

Look how amazing they look!

Source: Refresh Restyle

5. Lace tambourines

These are not only functional, but they’ll make a great decoration for your home.

Source: Honestly WTF

6. Wood-striped wall

This is very easy to do, and it turns a boring white wall into something with just a little bit more… pop.

Source: Taryn Whiteaker

7. Hammock chair

I don’t think you understand how much I need this in my life, like right now.

Source: A Beautiful Mess

8. Fall sign

A great way to greet fall if it’s your favorite season. Wonder what would happen if it would greet back.

Source: House By Hoff

9. Chalkboard

A great decoration for the kitchen, as not only can you use it to doodle around when bored, but you can also write down stuff so that you don’t forget, like for example, tell your husband/wife: don’t forget to make food for the kids!

Source: The Inspired Hive

10. Rainbow disco ball

Disco balls on their own are extremely psychedelic and early 2000s, but this takes it to a whole other level.

Source: A Beautiful Mess

11. Sliding barn door

Great if you want to give your home a distressed, vintage style.

Source: Shades Of Blue Interiors

12. Ombré pumpkin

Deviating from the norm of decorations. I would do this with an artificial pumpkin, though.

Source: Funky Time

13. Boot tray

An easy way to make some extra storage for your boots.

Source: Magnolia

14. IKEA play kitchen

It’s like one of those kitchen playsets for kids made from actual furniture, and it’s cool! Parents, take note.

Source: Anchors And Honey

15. Watermelon doormat

You can tell you friends that you bought this, when in fact it’s just dipping a couple of sponges into some paint and then stamping them onto a plain, everyday doormat.

Source: Carrie Waller | eHow

Will you be making any of the items on this list? Let us know in the comments!

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