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How To Make DIY Fabric Earrings

DIY Fabric Earrings

Even if you’re not the craftiest person, all those DIY projects posted everywhere, make you kind of reach for some scissors or a glue gun sometimes, don’t they? These fabric earrings we’re about to see are especially charming.

Wouldn’t you love to put on your self-made jewelry? YouTube channel Troom Troom has some of the best DIY projects out there. They are always super fun to make and the result will always leave you feeling proud of yourself.

This time we are going to learn how to make fabric earrings step by step.

You’ll need:

Materijals nedeed for Fabric Earrings

  • Fabric pieces of blue, ash pink and turquoise color
  • Jump rings
  • French hooks

How to do it:

Fabric Earrings done

Take the ash pink cloth and cut a 1 inch strip. Hot glue the short middle area and pull the fabric to one side. Add some glue and fold the other side of the strip. Do this process for the whole material. When you are done, roll the thin strip and add glue from time to time.

Do the same thing with the blue cloth and roll it around the ash pink roll. Add a little detail by adding the turquoise strip. Leave the end for the jump rings and put on a french hook. You’re done.

Of course, you can choose any color fabric you want.

Click the video below for more information. Enjoy!

Source:Troom Troom

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