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DIY Squishy Stressball


The stressball (or squishy) is not a modern invention: the original stressballs were invented in China back in 1368 A.D., during the days of the Ming Dinasty. They were called Baoding Balls, were made out of chrome and had little chimes inside.

Baoding Balls

Chinese Medicine even developed heavier balls for acupressural therapy. They stimulate acupressure points in the palms of the hands. This creates positive effects throughout the entire nervous system.

Following this tutorial made by DIY vlogger Misha, you can make your own squishy, slow-rising stressball, without the use of sponge or clay.


You will find out what mixture needs to go inside the ball to give it the ideal level of resistance, as well as how to decorate its surface.


It is no wonder these little useful toys invented in the times of antiquity are still universally popular today: they really do work! Do not let stress prevail; make your own little stress-outlet that can be taken anywhere with you and remain calm and peaceful during any day.

Source:DIY With Misha

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