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KaitNichole Shows Us How To Make DIY Water Marble Mugs


Marble patterns are cool. In fact, I think marble as a material, is cool. It’s very solid, very aesthetically pleasing, and the patterns are really unique and different with each marble stone.

Marble is also a very versatile material, as its patterns can be recreated with all kinds of different methods, and it can be used as a base to print things on. I have a picture of my favorite car in my room that I printed on a small piece of marble. That should give you an idea on how versatile it is.

If you’re a fan of marble, like me, then you ought to check out this tutorial by KaitNichole. It doesn’t involve marble as material per se, but it is inspired by its natural design. And that’s always lovely to look at.

She has made a tutorial on these simple DIY water marble mugs.

All you’ll need to do this is some nail polish, mod podge, and a small brush. And, of course, a bowl of warm water.


She then pours a few different colors of nail polish into the bowl of warm water.


And proceeds to dunk the mug, which leaves a really cool pattern on the side of the mug.


She also advises that you should remove some of the excess polish from the bowl, if there is any, using a toothpick.


The end result are some seriously artsy and fun mugs that don’t take long at all to make. It’s a cheap and fun project that I think you should definitely try.


Check out the video and give these a try:


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