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Identical Triplets Puzzled And Amazed To Learn DNA Of Twins Not Always Matches


It is often assumed that the DNA of siblings will match up, and even more so in the case of twins. The Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a molecule that carries the genetic instructions of all living organisms, and famous triplet sisters Nicole, Erica and Jaclyn Dahm decided to put it to the test. In an attempt to see just how similar their DNA was, the Playboy Playmate sisters used Ancestry DNA Kits to compare their genes on an episode of The Doctors, and the results were not what they expected!


The Dahm sisters were born in Minnesota in December 1977 where they lived and attended university before they first appeared in an issue of Playboy back in 1998. They once revealed that the only distinguishable features on the three of them are some tiny black ink dots (one and two dots, respectively) on Nicole and Erica’s buttocks. The triplets sent in saliva samples from each one for testing, before they were invited to the show to discuss the results with Dr. Travis. To their major surprise, their DNA did not match up!


Initially confused, Nicole, Erica and Jaclyn took the test again, this time with a different ancestry kit brand believing that it was faulty tests causing the confusion. After researchers then ran the same tests of different sets of multiples, however, the results got even more confusing for the triplets. The Dahm sisters were amazed to find what they experienced was perfectly plausible: there is nothing wrong with their genes, it is just how genetics work! Find out how come the DNA of twins does not have to match in the video.

Source: Inside Edition

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