Do you have a vein on your wrist? This is what it is


Place your arm on a flat surface with your palm facing up, and bring your thumb to your little finger. Do it with both hands.

Can you see a long protrusion on either arm, or none?



It’s not actually a vein but a long redundant muscle called the palmaris longus, and 14% of the population don’t have it anymore…

It’s a throwback to our ancestors which was used to activate the wrist’s flexibility, but today has no effect on the human body. It’s now actually a go to muscle if a person needs reconstructive surgery.

The tendon is mostly present in animals like lemurs and monkeys, and it’s useful to them because it helps with navigating through trees.

Our body is full of interesting elements that show our evolution into humans, such as goose bumps, tail bones and a monkey like grip in babies.

Watch the video to learn more of these leftover legacies from our ancestral journey.


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