Doctors Are Warning All Parents Not To Let Their Children Sit In “W” Position


We have all seen it before. You probably did it to when you were a child too. The “W” position is very common for many children but doing it too often can have a really negative effect.


They sit on the floor, with they knees bent and spend a lot of hours playing. If only you knew how dangerous this is.


The “W” position can cause the delayed development of a child’s motor skills and cause issues with posture and stability later in life. It also stresses the hamstrings, hip abductors, and internal rotators.


So as a parent your job is to stop this position becoming a habit. If it is too late you can start with baby steps to break it. Sitting to either side, with the legs out front, pretzel sitting, or sitting on a seat are all valid, and safe, alternatives. So have a talk with them when you see them sitting W-shaped.


But if the child has difficulty sitting in any other position it may be time to see a pediatrician, as this may be a sign of underlying problems with their motor system.

Watch this video below to show you everything you need to know about this position.

Source:Penfield Children

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