Adorable Dog With Water Bottle Causes Massive Cuteness Overload

Adorable Dog With Water Bottle Causes Massive Cuteness Overload


Pet parents will go to great lengths for their furbabies, even more so if that will make them so happy they’ll wag their cute little tails in delight. This is a story of one such dog – a very happy dog.

It needs to be said – dog owners are the worst offenders here. The manner of their love is truly different from the love of all the cat owners, who don’t squee nearly as much – but laugh ten times more! Anyways, speaking of dog owners, enter Twitter, and its user @shananig0ns (thanks, Diply).

It’s a young woman who absolutely adores her sweet pupper called Charlie. Well, since we’re well past the season of ‘winter is coming’, because now it’s actually HERE, poor little Charlie was feeling a bit cold.

The human mommy rushed to the rescue:

Twitter | @shananig0ns

@shananig0ns posted these cute pics of the dogo on Twitter, attaching the following caption:

“I heated up my small hot water bottle for Charlie cause he’s been shivering all night and he’s so happy I want to cry 😭😭😭💘”

One happy dog!

Twitter | @shananig0ns

I believe the correct saying is “Cuteness overload” because that’s exactly what I’m experiencing now, looking at the small, adorable Charlie. But it’s not just me, because her tweet has gone viral – and for good reason. We need more cute in our daily life!

Source: diply

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