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When Her Puppies Die In Barn Fire, Mama Dog Gets Depressed


Things happen so unexpectedly in this world, so you have to be tough and face them. Jessica Woodruff experienced something very difficult on February 20, 2017. Her barn in Roseberg, Oregon went up in flames and the fire took the lives of four goats and a pig.

What was even more painful was that her dog Daisy, a Great Pyrenees and border collie mix, lost her litter of 3-week old puppies. Tragic! When Jessica rushed down to the barn, it was too late to do anything. The damage was done.

She had to hold Daisy back because the dog was trying to run into the burning flames for her babies.

“It all happened within minutes,” she claimed. “It’s horrible!”

The incident happened when a heat lamp that was keeping the litter warm knocked over. As for Daisy, she mourned all seven of her puppies and became so depressed she refused to eat. The most heartbreaking part is when she walked to the barn every day to sit down by the door, and whine.

Jessica felt like she had to do something to help Daisy, so she posted on Facebook asking if there were any local puppies who needed a home. Luckily Lorna Murphy saw the post and responded. Her dog Chloe had died after giving birth to a litter of eight adorable black and white puppies. The two set up a meeting. Daisy was also brought over to meet the litter.

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