Going For The Underdog, He Got A Best Friend For Life

Going For The Underdog, He Got A Best Friend For Life


Even if you are not a big TV series fan, you have definitely seen Jeffrey Dean Morgan somewhere. This American sweetheart already has an impressive body of work behind him and has no intention of slowing down yet. From playing the protective father John Winchester on Supernatural to Denny Duquette, the patient, and love interest of Izzie in the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, to the primary antagonist and villain Negan on The Walking Dead, Jeffrey Dean Morgan can take any role and make it his own. But the one thing that we don’t really see on the small screen is how sweet this big guy actually is. That is until a fan spotted a tattoo on his lower arm. Turns out, it has a very special meaning indeed.


This sweet story started a long time ago, before Jeffrey’s breakthrough as a TV star. One day, while walking home, he came across a group of kids selling puppies from a large box. Curious, he went to take a look at the small pooches. One of them caught his eye immediately because he seemed very small and sickly. He took out his wallet but had only a 20, and the kids were selling the puppies for $300 each. So, he made a deal. He would give them all his money for the one that seemed like he would not last the night.


He took the pup to the vet, who said the chances for this dog were not looking good. not wanting to give up, Jeffrey bottle-fed it for a month and named him – Bisous. Bisous means kiss in French, which seemed like the only thing the little one did during that time. Ever since, Bisous and Jeffrey became inseparable.


Unfortunately, 12 years later, Bisous passed away. Devastated and heartbroken, the actor decided to honor and mourn his best friend in a special way.


He honored his beloved dog an eternal memento – he tattooed his name on his lower arm!


Rest in peace, Bisous!



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