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HORROR: Tattoo Artist Inks His Own Dog, To Protect Him From Cancer Apparently

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This tattoo artist has been accused of animal cruelty – he has actually tattooed his dog, and the Internet went mad.

The bull terrier pup has tattoos on its nose, under its eyes and on its ears.

These tattoos were allegedly created by the owner of the dog – Emerson Damasceno, a tattoo artist from Poços de Caldas, Brazil.

Images show tattoos on the pup’s nose, ears and even underneath its eyes

These awful photos were spotted by Brazilian lawyer Fernanda Soares, and were later deleted by Damasceno from social media when users completely erupted in anger.

Oddly, Damasceno claimed he tattooed his dog because it would help protect him from cancer. Yeah, I don’t exactly know how tattoos of stars, an anchor, a knuckleduster and the LA Dodgers baseball team logo is going to do that, but okay.

Damasceno’s girlfriend was on the defense, saying that the dog was tattooed after a visit to veterinary school.

However, the claim was rejected by the veterinary school, as they denied any involvement with the situation.

Pic shows: Emerson Damasceno. Shocking pictures of a dog with five tattoos on different parts of its body have caused an online protest with netizens accusing the tattoo artist owner of animal cruelty. But when the alleged owner of the dog realised he had started up a massive online row, he deleted the images, and claimed they had only been put there for the dog’s health. Brazilian lawyer Fernanda Soares was the one who drew attention to the scandalous photographs, which were apparently placed on the dog owned by tattoo artist Emerson Damasceno, who later changed his name to Emerson Candido after the row erupted over the pictures. The images show the dog with tattoos on its mouth, ears and next to its eyes. But he said that he had done it because he believed that the tattoos would protect the dog from cancer. The owner’s girlfriend also defended him with postings on their social network accounts, saying that the dog was tattooed after being seen by vets of the veterinary school of the city of Posos de Caldas, in the south-eastern Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. However this was rejected by the veterinary school, saying that they had never done anything similar on a dog and did not condone what had happened. In addition several prominent veterinary experts were quoted as saying that what had been done to the dog had no obvious benefits, and indeed it even might cause problems. The man later deleted his profile from Facebook and other social network accounts. It is unclear if police are investigating. (ends)

Tattoo artist Emerson Damasceno, pictured above

Photos of the dog before it was tattooed were posted on his social media accounts.

In addition to all this, a few prominent vets confirmed that the tattoos don’t have any special benefits, in fact they might even cause problems.

The meltdown by social media users caused Damasceno to delete his Facebook account and his other social media accounts.

Right now, it’s unclear if police are investigating.


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