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Dogs Are The Best: These 20 Photos Are Proof!

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Dog owners will always go on about how dogs are man’s best friend and how much they love their pups, but it’s true. Dogs are simply awesome. They’re always there to cuddle with should you want to (and you always do), and they’ll always be loyal and love you no matter how depressed you are or how many times you scold them for misbehaving.

Don’t believe us? Check out this gallery that proves dogs are just purely awesome.

1. Who wants dog food anyway?

Dogs Are The Best: These 20 Photos Are Proof! 1

Source: Twitter | @ashtonbaileyyy

2. Gotta wear that extra protection!

Dogs Are The Best: These 20 Photos Are Proof! 2

Source: Instagram | @tank.sinatra

3. Remember

No being will be happier to celebrate your success than your dog, even though they may not show it.


Source: Instagram | @kalesalad

4. This dog is now internet famous

Or should that be, Google Earth-famous?


Source: Instagram | @kalesalad

5. After all, no party is complete without a dog


Source: Instagram | @tank.sinatra

6. The retweet here is what really gets me


Source: Instagram | @kalesalad

7. Even canines have to deal with our daily struggles


Source: Instagram | @nochill

8. Isn’t that just adorable?


Source: Instagram | @textpostsfromthevoid

9. Sometimes, if you make them do something they really don’t want to, they’ll get mad at you

Like this example.


Source: Instagram | @x__antisocial_butterfly__x

10. A pupper’s birthday matters just as much as yours or your best friend’s


Source: Instagram | @will_ent

11. How is he managing to hold it with one hand?


Source: Instagram | @will_ent

12. Even he’s praying


Source: Instagram | @will_ent

13. I don’t know if I should say #petgoals or #boyfriendgoals



14. Best loophole of the year?


Source: Instagram | @kalesalad

15. Alright, it’s pretty obvious this one’s a joke

But at least it’s a well produced one.


Source: Instagram | @wot_u_sayin_tho

16. This is called revenge

Just like that one time my cat got reprimanded for climbing on the kitchen countertop so he decided to take a crap in my travel bag.


Source: Instagram | @will_ent

17. That’s a nice collection he’s got there

On the first photo he has some pretty serious looking teeth, though…


Source: Instagram | @goddess.of.appleysauce

18. “I’m tired of you walking me, it’s time for a change”

This is essentially the same as a cabbie letting the fare drive.


Source: Instagram | @kontheabstract

19. Roasted by mom?


Source: Instagram | @prettygoodwhiteshark

20. You just gotta catch those tennis balls

Even if it takes a speeding ticket or two.


Source: Instagram | @tank.sinatra

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