Dogs photographed before and after their grooming, you will be charmed! • MetDaan

Dogs photographed before and after their grooming, you will be charmed!


What can make a lovely dog look even more charming? The answer is a haircut! The craze called Japanese dog grooming is becoming more and more popular nowadays making dog owners proud of the new look of their dogs.

A professional animal photographer Grace Chon aware of this trend came up with a brilliant idea when she started shooting the before and after looks of groomed dogs and shared them on her Instagram profile which went viral.

She says that she has always considered the before and afters of the grooming “funny”.

Now, ladies and gentlemen enjoy these adorable photos a result of the craze called dog grooming!



Grace explains that she is amazed by the entirely different look of the animals from one shot to the other.

She also says: “I had the idea of shooting a photo series that highlighted this extreme transformation.”

This cutie seems to enjoy the idea.

Check the adorable before and afters on the next pages.

Oh, and before that, meet Grace and her dog Zoey which accompanies her when she is not working.

First on the list: Nala, right before grooming.

Groomed by: Alyson Ogimachi

WOW. Let me just start by saying I never imagined that this series would be so popular! Thank you for all the love, internets!! It’s been so much fun. There’s so much crappy, crazy stuff going on in the world and I’m stoked to provide even 5 seconds of a breather and a smile. Here’s the very last image – #9 in my new photo series HAIRY! • These dogs have all been transformed by the amazingly talented groomers from @HealthySpot, and cut in a Japanese dog grooming style that makes the dog look over the top adorable! • “Nala Before” • Grooming: Alyson Ogimachi of Healthy Spot Lighting: @faintastic @itsashleypoole Retouching and Photography: Grace Chon • #hairyseries #gracechoninc #kimknightrepresents #teamcanon #dogsofinstagram #bestwoof #houndsbazaar #doggrooming #healthyspot #mmmexplore#commercialphotography #weeklyfluff #coolhunter #멍스타그램ialphotography #weeklyfluff #coolhunter #멍스타그램

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