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See What Laura Lee Got With Only One Dollar


Have you any idea what amazing things you can buy for a dollar? And it’s not necesarrily garbage either. Some of the things are so useful, you’ll wonder where they’ve been all your life!

So, next time you go shopping take your head with you too. There are a lot of tutorials people did, showing what you can buy in this price and I must say they are pretty inspiring.

YouTuber Laura Lee from Alabama shows us on her YouTube channel some of the weirdest things she got with only a dollar.

“I know I have been seriously slacking on the dollar tree hauls sorry my friends. Just a side note these are random video when I buy random things that I really don’t need, not all beauty. I think it’s nice to see some fresh content,” Laura wrote on her channel. So she went out, and to everyone’s entertainment she got herself some dollar stuff.

And it’s totally cool. Who doesn’t need those super-oversized sunglasses, come on!


For more details check the video down below:

Source:Laura Lee

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