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Ten Physical Traits More Common Than Others Caused By Dominant Genes


Genes have alleles, some of which are dominant, and some recessive. The influence of the dominant one, masks the contribution of the recessive allele, thus making different traits appear or disappear. However, among the human population, some traits appear more often than others. Here are ten of them which are present in more than half of the people living on planet Earth.

1. Right-handedness

It is estimated at least 70% of the world population is right-handed.


2. Dark hair

The vast majority of our planet’s inhabitants have black or brown hair, with many races clocking in at 98% of dark-haired people. These colors are genetically dominant to other shades; more than half of the United States population has dark hair.


3. Free earlobe

Although it is impossible to come up with reliable numbers, some estimations claim over two thirds of the world’s population has earlobes that are not joined with the head.


4. Long eyelashes

Long eyelashes are the dream of many ladies, but among some ethnicities and races, they are especially common – these include caucasian and asian people.


5. Broad eyebrows

Although thin eyebrows are less common, nature has here, too, found a balance and not made the unibrow a dominant trait.


6. Left thumb crossing

Clasp your hands together and intertwine your fingers: if your left finger is on top, you are in the majority. Over half of the world’s population are your finger-crossing brothers and sisters, a trait that has been called a “random genetic accident”.


7. Dimples

Dimples are what is called an ‘irregular dominant’, meaning that children from parents who have this trait, only pick it up infrequently. This has led geneticists to believe dimples come from more than one gene.


8. Bent pinkie

Although it might not always be noticeable, more than half of humanity has a pinkie that is at least slightly bent. For 1% of the global population, though, this is a genuine issue.


9. Round face

The major two categories of faces are square and round, which are then subcategorized into several smaller groups. Although square faces appear more often in certain races, the round ones are more common overall.


10. Left arm folded over right

Similarly as with your fingers, the way you cross your arms also tells a genetic story. According to some studies, folding left-over-right is more common than the other way round.



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