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Bedroom Sneak Peek Around The World Makes You Understand How Different We All Are


The movie maker and photographer, born in South Africa, John Thackwray became an internet sensation. He started “My Room Project” as a long-term photographic project in 2010. The human rights activist had a  simple concept with a strong message. John makes us aware of the diversity of lifestyles, destruction of our traditions and the rise of inequalities around the world through people’s bedrooms.

The photographs he made of young men and women from 55 countries born in the 80’s and 90’s, in the places where they sleep are taking the internet by storm. Some of the people live in a traditional way. Others are modern. From a Buddhist temple of Nepal to a Native American reservation we can clearly see that some are rich and others poor. The photographer captioned every picture with  a “room number” in chronological order symbolizing the travels, the name of the person he photographed and the geographical location.

Now John is preparing to choose the 100 best photographs and to publish them in a book together with interviews about the lifestyle, local issues, education, religion, or love. His first book “My Room Project” will be published by the end of this year, around Christmas time.

ROOM#385 – PEMA – Katmandu – Nepal

ROOM#192 – ANDREA – Bucharest – Romania

ROOM#149 – OSIA – Ha Selomo – Lesotho

ROOM#466 – ELAHE – Teheran– Iran

ROOM#665 – MARCELLO – La Paz – Bolivia

ROOM#290 – YUAN – Dali – China

source: MyRoomProject

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