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He Downed 24 Cans Of Red Bull… You Can’t Imagine What Happened To His Body 24 Hours Later


A massive dose of caffeine and something sweet is the first thing we have on our minds when we struggle to stay awake in the middle of the afternoon. It’s a quick fix and helps us to stay focused to keep going. Soda or energy drinks are the choice for many.

The problem is that energy drinks don’t contain the same amount of sugar and caffeine as soda drinks. Therefore people reach for more than one can. Doctors are alarmed that downing two to three cans of them in a sitting can be dangerous. Especially when teenagers abuse the drink the most.

There are a variety of energy drinks labeled as dietary supplements because they contain herbal extracts. However, this plant extracts like guarana, taurine or glucuronolactone has the same effects as caffeine. In fact, this is the trick how drinks like ” Red Bull gives you wings.” You consume much higher amounts of caffeine than listed on the labels.

One man decided to drink 24 cans of Red Bulls in one sitting and nearly lost his life. The fact is, that you will lose your wings. Red Bull doesn’t just give a boost of energy, one that is short-lived as you will crash soon after.

This is the explanation why drinkers are not satisfied with consuming only one can of the sugary drink.


The high amount of caffeine makes you feel jittery and shaky, and the symptoms can increase, you can feel nervous or even suffer panic attacks.


Those who suffer from high blood pressure can quickly increase their chances of a stroke.

Energy drinks can give you withdrawal symptoms like headaches, migraines, and constipation.


The man who downed 24 cans of Red Bull at once suffered an alarming heart rate. His chest began to pound violently.


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