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20 Brilliant Ways To Use Downspouts As Garden Decorations


People never stop improving their homes. You spend most of your time there, it represents your own slice of the world, and that’s where you feel safe and at peace. So, it’s only natural that you would want to make your house as comfortable as possible. But it’s not all about comfort either: you want it to look nice as well. When you’re decorating your house, you can’t forget about its exterior: here, you can find some ideas which will greatly enhance home’s curb appeal.

Building a decorative downspout landscaping is a great way to achieve this. You have to have downspouts anyway to carry the rainwater from the gutter to the ground, so why not make them attractive? Not only will they serve a purpose, but they will also look good, especially when there is water running through them. Check out this list, courtesy of Woohome, of brilliant designs for you to build your own downspout landscaping for the next rainy season.

1. Create stylish covers for your rain water barrel


Source: hgtv.com

2. Use watering cans and buckets as part of the chain


3. Turn your drainage canal into a dry creek bed


Tutorial: growingthehomegarden.com Image via: prairiebreak.blogspot.com

4. Control the heavy runoff with an underground water catch basin


5. Install an attractive rain harvesting vertical garden


Image via: designindaba.com

6. Choose decorative splash blocks for downspouts


Image via: improvementscatalog.com & mysticgardenonline.com

7. Direct the runoff into a pool via rainslides


8. Build a downspout rain garden with stacked rocks


9. Use the rainwater for your planters organised in the “Bucket Brigade” scheme


Image via: emswcd.org

10. Build a rock garden which will incorporate the water from the downspout


Image via: thelocalshed.com & tanglycottage.wordpress.com

11. Install rain chains to drain the water from your gutter to the ground in the form a waterfall


12. Use a giant galvanized stock tank as a rain barrel


Image via: apartmenttherapy.com

13. Redirect the rain water from the downspout to the rain chains: the water dripping down the chain sounds amazing


14. Decorate your rainwater barrel with planter boxes


Image via: searchaustinhomes.com

15. Place some original sculpture yard art


Image via: artandlindaswildflowers.com

16. Construct a stone path to carry the water from the downspout


17. Dry creek beds give you better drainage, and they also prevent erosion and look great


18. Save water with a gorgeous water tank rain garden


Image via: mechanicsburgborough.org & dubcitybeta.wordpress.com & phillywatersheds.org

19. The rain will result in your own personal stream


20. Rock gardens are a brilliant decorative feature


Image via: valeaston.typepad.com
Source: woohome
From: colorfulplanet

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