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This Is What Those Dreamy 90s Actors Look Like Nowadays

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The ’90s brought along their fair share of TV shows and popular media items. There are so many dreamy actors we remember from back then. I think most of us can call them our first imaginary boyfriend. Sexy young guys were all over the place in ’90s TV shows, but the question is, how are these once-at-the-peak-of-their-fame actors doing these days?

1. Devon Sawa

He was the cutie that took part in Now And Then & Casper. But where is he now?

This Is What Those Dreamy 90s Actors Look Like Nowadays 1

This Is What Those Dreamy 90s Actors Look Like Nowadays 2

He has been acting since then, apparently… He looks so different!

2. Joshua Jackson

This guy played the favorite Dawson’s Creek character among the fans, that being Pacey.

This Is What Those Dreamy 90s Actors Look Like Nowadays 3

He is still acting (Fringe, anyone?) and he is also committed to girlfriend Diane Kruger.

This Is What Those Dreamy 90s Actors Look Like Nowadays 4

3. Freddie Prinze Jr.

At least one girl you knew in the ’90s had a bedroom poster of this guy’s face. But where is he now?


He now occasionally acts, and has been married to Sarah Michelle Gellar for 12 years and they have two kids.


4. Haley Joel Osment

This guy got nominated for an oscar for his famous “I see dead people” in the Sixth Sense.



The 26-year-old is almost unrecognizable, but he still has the same cute squishy face. We don’t know if he still sees dead people or not.

5. Josh Hartnett

This is probably the only actor in history that was able to make a monobrow look sexy. But now, it’s been over a decade since his blockbuster films. Where is he now?



Josh is now back, and he’s in a big new TV series called Penny Dreadful. He is still able to rock the mono-brow just fine.

6. Kirk Cameron

He was definitely a cutie in Growing Pains, dimples, curles and everything.



Nowadays he splits up between acting and evangelical Christianism. One of his public messages said that Christmas was a time for women to spread joy by singing, cleaning and cookng.

Okay, dude.

7. Jonathan Lipnicki

This blonde, glasses-wearing boy portrayed the five-year-old kid who went by Jerry Maguire in Stuart Little. How is he doing today?



Jonathan is now ripped and really into boxing, and he’s still acting. However, it’s kind of tough for him to get casted in anything as an adult.


8. Ryan Philippe

We haven’t heard too much of this guy after Reese in 2006…



11 years later, aside from rocking a beard, he looks exactly the same… even though he’s 40. Well done on the eternal youth there.

9. Scott Wolf

A cute faced guy who played Bailey in Party of Five. How’s he doing these days?



He still looks the same, but the 46-year-old is married with three children and he’s starring in a hit new show, Perception.

10. Luke Perry

The stud of 90210 fame. With his tall hair and squinting eyes, he certainly was dreamy.



The 48-year-old is still acting a little bit and he still looks just as good as ever. Did you know that his real name was Coy Luther Perry? Good job on that stage name, then…

11. Jonathon Taylor Thomas

What has JTT been doing since his Home Improvement days?



He’s still acting a bit, but he also did fancy stuff like study philosophy and history at Harvard and Columbia. He’s still kinda cute and he wants to direct stuff now.


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