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Just Forget The Dress, What Colors Are These Vans Sneakers?


Back in 2015, families were being torn apart, friendships were ending, the world was divided. All of this based only on what colors you saw in The Dress. Seems like all the debate about the dress, is back again but in the form of Vans sneakers for 2017.

User @JuliaCharlotte, recently posted a picture of her new Vans and the world is going crazy about it.


Now, the tweet doesn’t exist but at that time she made a question for all her followers: What colors are these Vans sneakers?


Source: Twitter | @AliciaMarieBODY

This question, tore the internet apart…again. It is a volatile place and often polarising!


A lot of people were put into two camps: Either you saw the colors as gray and teal, or pink and white. It was all fun and games for #TeamGrayTeal since they were winning, until someone exposed the truth.


Source: Twitter | @AliciaMarieBODY | Twitter | @staruins

The truth was exposed as Vans doesn’t even sell gray and teal sneakers. Apparently the flash and the bad lighting made it look like those two colors. So, chill down people.


Source: Twitter | @TheLEGOCantina

One thing is for sure now, #TeamPinkWhite, you won!


What do you guys think about the picture? What colors do you see?

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