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After Dropping 400 lbs., The Star of ‘My ‘600 Lb. Life’ Is A Transformation Miracle


Many people struggle with losing weight on a daily basis. Some want to look better, lead a healthier life, but some have hormonal issues that they must deal with. Although there are many people who became obese, here are some of them who made an extreme body transformation and they looked great! Amber Rachi, who appeared on the TLC show My 600 lb. Life, is certainly one of them, too. She has struggled with weight loss in the bravest possible way. Here is her inspiring story.

When Amber first appeared on the TLC show, she weighed 660 pounds. Amber was then 23, and decided to appear on the show after several years of battling a severe anxiety and eating disorder. She told the viewers that at just 5 years old, she tipped the scale at 160 pounds and she felt like a “nasty, yucky monster.”


Obesity made her daily life more than difficult. She needed help performing the most basic tasks like walking. By the time she was 16, her tendency to overeat worsened and she became wheelchair bound.

In 2015, the Portland, Oregon native decided that enough was enough and she opted for bypass surgery.


Viewers watched her struggle with losing her first 20 pounds so she could qualify for the weight loss surgery. Today, over two years since TLC introduced Amber and her story to the world, she has made some significant changes. These include losing over 400 pounds.


Although her surgery was successful, she still had a long journey ahead of her. Not only did she have to change her eating habits, but she also had to learn how to exercise properly and seek help for her anxiety issues.


Amber showed everyone she is a real fighter, though. Despite not having a solid support system, she still managed to lose hundreds of pounds and completely transformed herself.


Just look at what she looks like nowadays!

She has regular workouts and attends therapy to work through her anxiety and anger problems.


Apart from looking great, she has also developed a great sense of style and her make up skills are excellent.

I have been watching WAY too much @mannymua733 lately #makeup #glam #toofaced

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Her life is completely changed. Amber can now live by herself, drive, and socialize. She’s very active on social media and uses various platforms to share her inspiring story. Her battle, is, of course, far from over, but she is more confident than ever.

“I have hope. Now the world is open to me. I’m no longer Amber of one room, one house.”


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