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When Man Drops His Phone At A Restaurant, He Discovers Something Nasty


Everybody hopes to have a certain level of hygiene when they are eating at any random restaurant. We do not expect it to be clean as a hospital, but we hope that nothing nasty will come out while eating food. Things like rats and such. Ew, sorry! Let’s continue.
It is very true that in a restaurant things can get pretty disgusting but sometimes we do not know we’re in a nasty place until it is too late.


While having a normal dinner with friends, a 22-year-old made a pretty disgusting discovery. During the meal, his friend accidentally dropped his phone, and Will Robinson helped the friend and went to pick it up from under his chair. But what was under the table shocked him!

He discovered a dead rat under his chair. Yes, you read that right, A DEAD RAT!


The 22-year-old quickly filmed the disgusting thing and then informed the manager.

“It was about tea time when we had just finished our food and was about to leave when my mate dropped his phone and couldn’t find it.”

“We put the flash on our phones to light up underneath our seats so he could find the phone and I saw this rat dead in a rat trap. We called the manager over straight away and he told us there were traps because the farmers have been in the fields so the rats had come in. I thought the restaurant would have to close if there was a problem with rats.”

The manager offered the diners a free meal as an apology and compensation of sorts, but the guys decided to decline the offer.


“We won’t be taking up the offer – none of us want to eat there again. The discovery of the rat has put us off completely. Finding the rat was such a big shock. Seeing it made us feel physically sick. It is a popular place and a lot of families go there. It’s not good at all.”

A spokesperson released a statement about the issue.

“We are extremely sorry to learn of this incident and would like to apologize sincerely to these guests. We pride ourselves on maintaining exemplary standards of health and safety and this is completely unacceptable.

They continued…

“We have conducted a thorough inspection and are confident that there is no evidence of current pest activity at the site. We are also looking into how this could have happened as a matter of priority.”


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