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The Best Drugstore Makeup Tutorial For Valentine’s Day

Makeup Tutorial For Valentine

As I’m sure you’re aware, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

Makeup Tutorial For Valentine

It’s that time of year where you get together with your loved one and give each other some wonderful gifts for the day of lovers.

It’s also the time when someone asks a certain special person “Will you be my Valentine?”

Well, I don’t have luck with those kinds of things, so for those of you who are better at that sort of thing, good luck and have a great time.

Anyway, if you’re a lady, you ought to look the part for the special Valentine’s Day date with that special person in your life.

But, what if you only have drugstore makeup at hand? Well, fear not, Christen Dominique is here with her drugstore Valentine’s makeup tutorial.

Makeup Tutorial For Valentine 1


Anyway, Christen Dominique is one of our personal favorite makeup artists, and she certainly has pulled off this Valentine’s look very well.

The theme she’s going for is cream and pink. There’s a little bit of brown in the eyeshadow, but it flows into pink. Shoutout to the anime look she seems to have achieved through the eye makeup. Suits her well.

She’s also wearing this very nice pink lipstick.

Makeup Tutorial For Valentine 2

The bright look is further accentuated by her ombre hair.

When you meet your loved one for Valentine’s Day this year, this look is definitely one you should consider.

Check out how to do it below:

Source:Christen Dominique

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