The Duchess Of Cambridge Makes A Surprise Appearance At The Royal Opera House

Thirty-five-year-old Kate Middleton is as busy as every mother-to-be is around Christmas. But taking the fact that she is a Royalty into consideration, too, she has the added obligation of rushing to get to all of her appointments. Every once in a while, the Duchess of Cambridge surprises everyone with her graceful appearance and endless energy, even though she is in the fifth month of her pregnancy with her third child.

On Wednesday, December 20, the mother-of-two made a surprise appearance at the evening performance of the Royal Ballet’s Nutcracker in London. It was a busy day, as she joined her family at the Queen’s annual pre-Christmas lunch the same day.

Middleton was dressed in the same £95.99 Zara cape she wore to lunch earlier that day. However, she didn’t look tired at all! As a matter of fact, she looked fresh as a Daisy as she made her way into the theatre.


Kate opted for an elegant pair of black suede heels for the performance of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s classic. After the event was over, she spent some time chatting with the dancers, who were, of course, delighted to meet their favorite Royal fan.


The Duchess also wore an Alexander McQueen dress, looking as lovely as always


You won’t believe she just came back from the Queen’s pre-Christmas lunch – an annual tradition which allows the monarch to catch up with more distant relatives.

Meaghan Hinkis, who is a soloist with The Royal Ballet, shared a photo on her Instagram account after this special visit.

She captioned the snap: “To say I was excited to meet the Duchess, is a colossal understatement.”

The theatre’s deputy stage manager, who is known only as sazzle_mcdazzle, also shared a photo, writing a funny caption: “All I want for Christmas is K Midd’s hair and cape.”

The Duchess had spent the afternoon alongside Prince William and their two children, at Buckingham Palace. They do this every year on December 20. This event is held particularly for those who don’t get the chance to spend Christmas with the Queen in Norfolk.

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Source: Dailymail