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Model Duckie Thot Went Viral Because She Looks Like A Fierce Barbie Doll IRL


Nyadak “Duckie” Thot competed on the last season of Australia’s Next Top Model yet that is not what brought her closer to fame. The beautiful supermodel has gone viral overnight because she looks exactly like a Barbie doll.

People are shocked on social media at how she looks like a glowing, perfect Barbie. Duckie is Australian and of Sudanese heritage and has a mesmerizing radiant complexion.

She posted this picture last week looking like a golden goddess 

What to look at first? Her slaying outfit or gorgeous face? Perfect figure or the nose highlight that you can see from a mile off?

Source: Instagram | @duckieofficial

This photo is what caused her surge in popularity and the reason is because she looks like a Barbie

Source: Twitter | @Just_Josss

She is even prettier than any Barbie I ever owned, I just need a Duckie Barbie

Source: Twitter | @143HaleyB

But I mean, can anyone blame them?

Source: Instagram | @duckieofficial

She is so cute and her smile is just perfect 

Also, actual glo up goals.

Source: Instagram | @duckieofficial

What we also love about her is her style that is always on point which makes sense since she is a model 

Source: Instagram | @duckieofficial

Just look at her in this yellow coat…

Loving the sheepskin collar, too! Amazing!

Source: Instagram | @duckieofficial

Duckie has spoken out on natural hair and the challenges that women of color go through in the modeling world

“First and foremost, hair is an accessory and doesn’t define a woman… what I’ve learned from all of this is that you need to step in being your complete self.” YASS, GIRL!

Source: Instagram | @duckieofficial

She also opened up about how she made a difference in her career and life. 

“I definitely recommend finding yourself before you dive into something. Really being sure of what you represent and being confident in that. Know that you’re a voice for hundreds or thousands of girls out there,” she said.

Source: Instagram | @duckieofficial

Duckie is an absolute star that we want to see more of

The glowing, gorgeous goddess sparkling in the sun.

Source: Instagram | @duckieofficial
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