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This Is The Incredible Evolution Of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

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When you think of badass people, you can’t help but mention The Rock. This guy, whose real name is Dwayne Douglas Johnson is one of the coolest, most badass and influential people that are currently walking the Earth. He’s the kind of person you look at and go “Yeah, I wanna hang out with that guy!” There’s plenty to like about this 44-year-old actor and wrestler, and there’s so much more to him than his big muscles and blinding smile.

Here’s the incredible evolution of Dwayne The Rock Johnson

1. He started out fairly humble by playing college football at the University of Miami

He even won a national championship in 1991.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson Evolved Evolution 1

2. He graduated from college in 1995, with a degree in criminology and physiology


3. He played football for the Calgary Stampeders

Unfortunately, after just two months, he was cut.

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4. I’m quite sure that everyone who uses the internet daily has seen this photo before

It has found its place on tons of different memes. The hair though.

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5. The Rock was in the WWE from 1996 to 2004, and he was one of the biggest stars.

His most famous moves are “People’s Elbow” and “Rock Bottom”. This is what he looked like on one of his first matches.


6. The Rock’s autobiography The Rock Says… was a New York Times bestseller after it sold 720,000 hardcover copies.


7. His first major role was him as Mathayus in the 2002 release The Scorpion King

To this day, The Rock has earned the most out of any actor for a first role – $5.5 million


8. He actually holds a Guinness World Record

But it’s not one you’d expect. It’s actually for taking the most selfies, after he took a whopping 105 with his fans during the premiere of San Andreas.

I’m sure there are plenty of people out there that have topped that number, but oh well.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson Evolved Evolution 8

9. He was the highest paid actor in 2016, earning $64.5 million in that year.

Pretty good.


10. And if you’ve seen Disney’s Moana, you know that he can sing

It’s evidenced in the character he portrays, Maui.


11. In 2016, he was named People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive.


12. And finally, he’s also appearing in the Baywatch reboot alongside Zac Efron


Are you a fan of this badass guy? Share your thoughts about The Rock and his evolution in the comments below!


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