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Ear Makeup Is The New Trend


Back when contouring was a big deal, people thought it was honestly the craziest thing. We had face contouring, body contouring and also foot contouring. But now, it seems like those people who talked so badly about it are eating their words. Every makeup guru contours and it’s weird if they don’t. I mean, it is a part of the norm now.

But as always new trends are here and it’s odder than contouring. And it’s a lot easier this time. Ear makeup is seriously the new deal and it became a very huge hit after models rocked it on the runway. First, it looked a bit bit weird but the more I see, the more I’m starting to like it. Below you will see 15 people who rocked this trend. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up liking it too.

1. Dipped In Gold

Her makeup matches her earring perfectly. Amazing!


Source: Instagram | @therealotta

2. Black

It really looks like the half of it is missing. Call 911.


Source: Instagram | @glamourmexico

3. Teal

A little touch of glitter never hurt anyone.


Source: Instagram | @jamescharles

4. Glitter

Because everything looks better with glitter on it.


Source: Instagram | @nikahiemstra

5. Dots

Uhm, is this a mermaid’s ear? So magical.


Source: Instagram | @olivianowicka

6. Golden

This one is my fave. I love how it’s pretty subtle.


Source: Instagram | @alexholleytv

7. Blue

You can even wear makeup on stretched ears. Isn’t that cool?


Source: Instagram | @olga_graholskaya

8. Outline

Loving this minimalistic ear makeup look.


Source: Instagram | @natalia_de_brauw

9. Pearl

You will actually love this one if you like highlighting.


Source: Instagram | @giuliapln_makeup

10. Shimmer

Ear makeup is such a cool way to stand out. Very stylish too.


Source: Instagram | @josefin.e.larsson

11. Glam

If you wake up and don’t feel like doing your makeup, then just apply some onto your ear. It definitely makes a statement.


Source: Instagram | @hudabeauty

12. Silver

I’m really starting to dig this trend, not going to lie.


Source: Instagram | @princess_4e04

13. Shining

Shine bright like a diamond.


Source: Instagram | @makeupmida

14. Creative

Very unique and somehow reminds me of a fish.


Source: Instagram | @tentafloss

15. Pretty In Pink

To add some color to your look, ear makeup is an awesome idea.


Source: Instagram | @madmoizelledotcom

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