How to easily dip dye your hair


Dip dyed hair becomes very popular. If you like to follow the latest trends and to have this kind of a hair look, there is no need for you to visit some expensive hairdresser. It’s easy as it sounds and you can do it yourself. You have to choose the right product for the look and follow the steps. You will have attractive hair style you will be proud of it.


1.Decide which color you like. For inspiration, you can check the internet and speak with your friends. Be careful to choose a color that flatters your skin and eyes.


2.Get a bleaching powder or some other lightening product especially if you have dark hair. You will have to bleach the dark color from your hair so the colored dye will take later in the process.  If you are blond than there is no need to bleach your hair.



3.Get yourself rubber gloves and make sure you have enough color. Lat thing you will like to happen to you is to run out of color during the procedure.

Ones you have everything, prepare your hair


1.Wear an old T-shirt you don’t care about at all, and wrap your neck with an old towel to avoid staining it with the color.  If you have a hairdressing gown even better.


2.It’s easier if you dip dye your hair in your bathroom, everything you need is there. And you will not worry about staining it.


3.Style your hair how you will be wearing it and decide which sections you want to dye. Its up to you are you going to dye just the tips, or you will dye three-quarters of the way up the shaft. You can clip up the strands that you don’t want to dye.


4.Follow the instruction on the bleach powder and bleach only the sections of your hair you will be dying. Bleaching your hair will dry it out so you will have to deep condition deep condition it to replenish some of the lost moisture.


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