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How To Easily Style Your Hair in A Woven Headband Braid


If you are out of ideas on how to tie your hair or do a braid that doesn’t need a lot of effort, you’ll need today’s tutorial. A cute Headband Braid that you can wear loose, or in a ponytail, depending on mood or occasion.

This video comes from the YouTube channel Missy Sue, who has all sorts of cute and fun hairstyles to share. It also has many bridal inspired updos if you happen to need some quick YouTube inspiration. Her tutorials are extremely easy, although you can find all kinds of braids, including French, Dutch, fishtail and waterfall braids as well.

Missy comes from Arizona, where she lives with her husband, son, and yorkie. She’s been sharing her passion for hair and beauty on her blog as well as on her YouTube channel for the past four years. As a passionate blogger and lover of hairstyles, she posts tutorials all the time. She is a guide for eye-catching hairstyles, fashion tips, and makeup tutorials, with a mission to inspire her readers and viewers to develop love for their hair and useful makeup techniques.

Missy Sue points out how important it is to celebrate everyday beauty above all. In the past, she was a contributor for and Her work can be found on BuzzFeed, Self, and some other blogs as well.

In today’s video she is doing a Woven Headband Braid. This braid looks amazing and it isn’t difficult to make, although it may seem like a tough one at first.

Woven Headband Braid

You can wear the braid loose or in a ponytail if you like.

 braid loose or in a ponytail

What’s interesting about this hairstyle is tat you don’t need a bobby pin to tie it up to your hair. As a matter of fact, an elastic band can be more helpful to use.

 braid loose or in a ponytail 2

Here you can watch the video:

Source:Missy Sue

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