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Easy Exercises to Help You Reduce Double Chin


We’ve all tried tricks to hide a double chin—wearing a high-neck top or scarf and tilting our heads just right when our photo is taken.While there are surgical procedures that can eliminate a double chin, they can be expensive. I mean they are great to make funny faces with your friends but they constantly make you look fat. Here we have the right ways how to get rid of it:

The Tongue Exercise: You have to open your mouth as wide as it is comfortable for you and stick your tongue out. Try to reach your chin with the tongue. Do this for 10 seconds and repeat 10 times.

The Hanging Head: This exercise might be a little bit hard to perform, but soon you will get used to it. Lie on a bed or sofa and let your hand fall over the edge. Lift up your head in order to touch the chest with your chin. Do this for 10 seconds and then slowly turn to the basic position. Repeat 10 times.

Neck spin: You have to stand up for it. The spine must be straight. Slowly turn your head to the right, so the chin will stand right on top of the shoulder, then slowly roll your head downward to make a curved motion to the other side. Repeat 10 times, then do the same but tilt the head to the back when you move from one shoulder to the other.

Do these exercises every day and soon you will notice the difference!



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