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Easy Half Glam – Half Zombie Halloween Tutorial You Can Do Alone


Halloween is no longer just the trick-or-treat holiday. It’s a day when you can show off your makeup creativity and artistic skills in a unique way. Everyone tries to be as different as possible, and we have seen many quality masks that even Hollywood makeup artists are jealous of.

Although zombies masks may look like a difficult, they are not really that complicated. It’s one of the trendiest Halloween makeovers. But it’s even more creative if you make a combination of zombie and a glam look for example. If you like this twist and decide to do it yourself, then this tutorial will be great help. You will see how easy you can become an elegant corpse and will enjoy the hunt for survivors.

Before doing your makeup make sure you collect torn pieces of clothing and cover them dirty bloody stains. Then you will need to prepare the makeup kit. Don’t forget an open wound is a must for a zombie look, and you will need these products:

  • Makeup base, foundation, concealer
  • Lash glue
  • Black eyeliner and eye pencil
  • Black mascara
  • Eyeshadows for the glam look
  • Blush
  • Red and white face paint
  • Red lipstick
  • White thread
  • Makeup brushes

You will be creepy seductive and hungry for the living flesh/brains of humans. Watch the video tutorial to see how you can do it.


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