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Why Would This Girl Eat KFC ONLY For Three Whole Years?


This woman has been at the center of attention after she revealed that she was eating only KFC for three full years. Wow!

Georgie Scotney is 21, she has been suffering from a selective eating disorder for a long time. The illness caused her not to be able to eat anything else other than KFC.

All children can be picky when it comes to food; most will outgrow this when they get older. For the ones that get diagnosed with a selective eating disorder, this unusual relationship with food persists into adulthood.

“Growing up I’d always been stubborn with what I’d eat, it started off as just southern fried chicken and chips, but it then got to the point where it’d only be chicken from KFC.”

“I’d go there every day without fail,” Scotney explained. “I was just never fed up with it,” – Scotney said.


But after a one-hour hypnotherapy session, she was cured. Now she can eat different kinds of food including fruits too.

Scotney’s boyfriend Dean Arnold, 25 encouraged her to look for help.

“My boyfriend was the one who put me forward for the session, and I was very sceptical and thought I would never be able to change.”


Another reason besides her boyfriend is that the couple is planning to travel the world together and Scotney’s disorder would be a big problem in the unknown countries.

“When we decided that we’d go flying I knew that something needed to be done because I would have starved.”

“I never tried any fruit or veg, and lately I have been able to try a roast dinner. I am enjoying every second of it.”

Source: The Sun, The Huffington Post
Photo Credit: Mercury Press via The Sun

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