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You’ve Been Eating Sushi Wrong This Whole Time: This Is How To Do It Properly


Eating sushi might be your favorite activity, but for some people, it’s still an acquired taste. Some love it, others hate it. This Japanese meal involves preparations and serving of specially-prepared rice combined with several other ingredients. The most popular ingredients are raw seafood, but sushi sometimes contains vegetables and tropical fruits also. If you are a sushi lover, you probably haven’t given much thought to the way of consuming it. Well, it turns out you might be eating it in the wrong way.

According to world-renowned sushi chef Naomichi Yasuda, eating sushi comes with certain rules that you probably didn’t know about. Interestingly, Yasuda says the most important ingredient in sushi is actually rice, and not fish. Wait, what? Isn’t sushi all about the raw fish?


One important thing to remember is that you are supposed to eat it with fingers, holding the seaweed portion of the sushi roll and dipping it into soy sauce. No chopsticks required and no heavy dipping as well!

Also, you’re not supposed to put the ginger in the soy sauce or eat it with the sushi. If you are a ginger lover, eat it by itself. Why is that so? Well, Yasuda shares it’s actually considered bad manners to eat ginger with your sushi roll. Wondering how to eat your ginger? With your finger, folks!

If you really want to use chopsticks while eating sushi, you still can, but there is a specific way of holding them. One side of your chopsticks should be touching the piece of fish on top, while the other chopstick should be touching the rice on the bottom so it’s sandwiched between the two. No more mess for you!

Another thing to add is that you shouldn’t dip your sushi rice side-down into the soy sauce.


The chef also says that you shouldn’t shake the soy sauce off of the sushi.

There is more, people! Interestingly, sushi has a different taste if you eat it right when it’s made and when they bring it to your table. This is because the temperature of the ingredients has an effect on the taste.


Now you can finally feel like a sushi expert!

Watch the whole video below for more details.

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