Ed Sheeran “Breaches Royal Protocol” While Receiving MBE From Prince Charles

Ed Sheeran “breached Royal protocol” while receiving his MBE from Prince Charles in Buckingham Palace. The singer also got named the most-streamed artist of the year and played a big part in numerous charitable causes.

Yesterday was a special day for the singer because according to BBC, his late grandfather was a self-avowed royalist.


According to Unilad Ed said:

“My grandfather was a massive royalist. He had all the commemorative plates and stuff, and he died on this day four years ago, so it’s actually quite a nice full circle thing, I guess he’d be pretty proud.”

He was also asked whether he would be up for playing in the upcoming wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle next year when he replied: “Yeah, why not.”

Even though the day was pretty cool, he broke one rule.

Ed Sheeran from London is made an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) by the Prince of Wales at an Investiture ceremony at Buckingham Palace, London.

Royal etiquette means that touching shouldn’t go beyond a handshake but Ed placed his hand on Prince Charles’ forearm. Even though some people picked up on it, Prince Charles didn’t mind so it probably is not anything serious.

Ed said that the Prince of Wales was impressed with his busy schedule as one day afte the ceremony, (December 8th) he will be playing in New York.

Ed said:

“He was asking me if I was still selling lots of records and I told him I’ve got a concert in New York tomorrow, and he was quite surprised I was flying after this.”


When asked about why he’s become so successful, Ed made sure to be pretty modest about it.

He said:

“I think it’s persistence. I don’t have a vast amount of talent compared to other people, I think talent is like 30 per cent of it and persistence, drive and self belief are the other ones, which I guess are all the same thing.”

Ed has become very successful over the years and he also opened up about the reason that he took some time off in October to deal with substance abuse.


During an episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, he revealed how his problems started after the difficulty of dealing with his new fame.

He said, via People:

“I think you need to, when you get into the industry, adjust to it – and I didn’t adjust because I was constantly working on tour.

“And all the pitfalls that people read about, I just found myself slipping into all of them. Mostly, like, substance abuse.

“I never touched anything. I started slipping into it and that’s why I took a year off and buggered off.”

Source: unilad