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Ed Sheeran’s Fans Not Supportive After He Shares News About His Injury Getting Worse


In the world of celebrities, it seems like nothing is permanent. One day, you have a thousand fans, and the next day, something happens and you lose half of your once supportive fans.

It was not easy when 26-year-old  Ed Sheeran shared the news of his bicycle injury with his fans. The British singer and songwriter posted about it on October 16 on his Instagram profile. The post showed his arm slung in a cast with a caption that read: “I’ve had a bit of a bicycle accident and I’m currently waiting on some medical advice, which may affect some of my upcoming shows. Please stay tuned for further news. Ed x.” After that, more bad news followed, but not all of his fans were supportive and wishing him well.


When he first posted about his injury, his fans were quick to support him with a lot of comments on his social media pages. However, when Ed Sheeran announced that his injury was much worse than he expected, his fans made a shocking turnaround.

On October 17, Sheeran visited his doctors who confirmed that his injuries were worse than they thought. He then uploaded a follow-up post on his Instagram account. It went like this: “A visit to my doctors confirmed fractures in my right wrist and left elbow that will leave me unable to perform live concerts for the immediate future. Sadly, this means that the following shows will not be able to go ahead as planned: Taipei, Osaka, Seoul, Tokyo and Hong Kong.”


“I’m waiting to see how the healing progresses before we have to decide on shows beyond that. Please stay tuned for more details. PS – Ed isn’t typing this as he has both arms casted/bandaged,” the post went on.


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Next day, on October 18, Sheeran was photographed by paparazzi with both of his arms bandaged. One was in a sling, and the other one with a cast. Ouch!


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As news came that he would need to cancel some of his concerts, fans started being unsupportive.


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They were wondering why would his injury stop him from attending a concert.


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Some of the commenters said: “Get over it,” “Your songs used to make me feel better. now it’s just a reminder of how painful it is to be abandoned. #JakartaNeedsEd but just like your song maybe you’ll reply with ‘you need me but I DONT NEED YOU’” and “Just stand and sing please.. or sit and sing. Whatever. Delegate someone to play the guitar..”


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Despite these, Ed gained support from a lot more fans who just wanted to wish him a fast recovery.


A representative of Sheeran said, “Ed’s gutted he won’t be making these shows. Ticket holders are encouraged to wait for further information about upcoming shows and rescheduling.”


Source: Instagram/teddysphotos

Here are more details on his injury.

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