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Ed Sheeran Spends An Hour And A Half With Sick 9-Year-Old In Hospital


Ed Sheeran is very good at making ladies around the world swoon, but he’s Prince Charming to this little girl from New Addington.

9-year-old Melody cannot walk or talk, and has spent pretty much 80 percent of her life in hospital. She suffers from Rett syndrome, a condition that “causes problems in brain function that are responsible for cognitive, sensory, emotional, motor, and autonomic function.”

Melody’s childhood has been bogged down by wide-ranging, debilitating symptoms and complications. According to Melody’s mother, Karina Driscoll, Melody has extreme chronic pain, scoliosis, epilepsy, internal bleeding, epilepsy, and the list goes on.

She has to be fed through a feeding tube and is on a constant stream of morphine to manage the pain.

When her particularly bad flare-ups happen, her “whole body becomes swollen internally and externally; she gets black fingernails and toenails; her lips become covered in cold sores; her pain gets worse; she gets pancreatitis, her eyes swell up and the blood vessels in them burst and her internal bleeding gets worse, requiring lots of blood transfusions.”

The worst part of this story is that no one knows why this is happening to Melody. The only thing they can do is manage the pain and hope to make her happy.

Enter Ed Sheeran.

Back in 2014, when Ed released his single “Thinking Out Loud”, Melody fell in love with the song. So much so, that it was the only thing that calmed her down when she was going through the most painful times.

“The very first time she heard it, she couldn’t stop smiling at Ed on the TV,” Karina explains. “Then every single time Ed came on TV from then on, Melody had the same reaction. One of those times Melody was in severe pain and Ed managed to pull her out of that pain episode. So now every time she’s in pain we have to put Ed’s videos on our phones, even the nurses.”


Given that Ed has had such a huge impact on Melody’s life, Karina wanted to do absolutely everything in her power to bring the two together. She put a video together and she was actually able to reach Ed’s manager, Stuart Camp.

Unfortunately, Stuart’s best offer was for Melody to attend one of Ed’s concerts, and Karina had to refuse the offer due to Melody’s health

It seemed that all hope was lost, as Karina was told he wouldn’t be able to make a visit to the hospital and to make matters worse, he announced that he would be taking a break from public life. But finally, in November 2016, Karina received a knock on her door. A policeman was standing at the door, who told Karina that Melody’s name has been given to the department for her to receive a present.

“I told the police officer that I wanted to show him the video of Melody so he could see exactly what Melody had been through. He started crying and vowed he would get involved with our campaign to make her dream come true,” says Karina.

Once the department started tweeting the video, it went viral and reached Ed’s manager once again. He contacted Karina, saying that he would make her wish come true. A week later, it did.

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