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Here’s A Good Look At All Nine Of Eddie Murphy’s Kids

Eddie Murphy
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Ah, Eddie Murphy. He’s one of those actors that will always be funny. Even during his serious roles (of which there are but a few), he will always remain funny.

Aside from his stand-up comedies, his roles in famous movies including Shrek, Beverly Hills Cop and The Nutty Professor, and a little bit of singing here and there, the 55-year-old comedy legend is also a busy guy – he has 9 kids!

That’s 9 kids to five different mothers in 28 years. Wonder if he’ll make it a nice round 10?

Eddie Murphy's Kids 1

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Yes, really, Eddie Murphy has 9 kids. That’s quite a few.

Eddie Murphy's Kids 2

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Let us introduce you to Eddie Murphy’s big brood.

Eddie Murphy's Kids 3




1. Eric Murphy

Eric is one of his oldest sons. Born in 1989, during Eddie’s relationship with Paulette McNeely.

Not a lot of stuff comes up if you search for this guy on Google. You might see quite a bit of the Entourage character of the same name, though.

Eddie Murphy's Kids 4

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2. Christian Murphy

This is Eddie’s second child. He was born while Eddie was in a relationship with Tamara Hood. He was born in 1990, and he is quite close to his older brother.

Eddie Murphy's Kids 5

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3. Bria Murphy

This is Murphy’s first child with his longtime partner Nicole Mitchell. Bria has acted in movies and even had her own art show in LA last November.

Eddie Murphy's Kids 6

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4. Miles Murphy

He’s 24, and while not much is known about him, from what we can see, he seems to enjoy the beach.

Eddie Murphy's Kids 7

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5. Shayne Murphy

Shayne is 22, and she also has done a fair share of modeling. I would say she’s pretty pretty.

Eddie Murphy's Kids 8

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Happy family.


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6. Zola Murphy

Zola is 17, and she was also born while Eddie was with Nicole Mitchell. She borrowed quite a bit from her dad, wouldn’t you say?

Eddie Murphy's Kids 9

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7. Bella Murphy

Bella is 14, and she’s the youngest child of Eddie and Nicole. See the resemblance?

Also, this is a great photo.

Eddie Murphy's Kids 10

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8. Angel Iris Murphy Brown

Angel Iris was actually an accident. She is 9, and she’s the result of a fling between Eddie and Mel Brown, former Spice Girl. A DNA test proved Eddie was the father as at the time the rumor mill was in overdrive.

Eddie Murphy's Kids 11

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We’re almost done.


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Finally, 9. Izzy Oona Murphy

Eddie had Izzy in 2016 with his current partner Paige Butcher. I can’t currently find an image of her, so if anyone has found one, let us know in the comments.

Also, extra points for Eddie’s outfit on this picture.

Eddie Murphy's Kids 12

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It really isn’t easy to have that many kids.

Eddie Murphy's Kids 14

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But Eddie certainly has stuff under control.


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