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How To Create An Edgy Pink/Berry Smokey Eye Tutorial


Who doesn’t love a glamorous edgy look? I mean going natural is great but soon you will need to have a little fun. There is this new trend that includes very bright and dark colors on the eyes, and let me tell you that the result is always smoking hot. You will only need to play with your favorite colors and there you go.

YouTuber Kathleen Lights from Miami is sharing with us a tutorial which was very requested from her subscribers. The 25-year-old makeup artist creates a look that goes beyond magic. A hot pink/berry smokey eye. She has now over 3 million subscribers. Let’s get started on the look.


She keeps the face very simple and natural which goes perfect with this look because eyes have the most important role here. So, Kathleen starts by priming and then mixing two foundations. To add more definition to her face, she contours and then uses a highlighter and a little bit of blush.

edgy 1


Now, we’re finally here. The makeup artist starts off very smooth by using light eyeshadows over the crease. She starts heating things up with a red color and constantly adds drama by using heavier colors. To create the final smokey eye, she uses black too. Then, Kathleen decides to go with the same red over the waterline to create the edgy look. In the end, she puts on eyelashes and finishes the look by blending the hard lines.

edgy 2


Of course that she keeps it smooth to balance everything up so she goes with a perfect nude color.

edgy 3

Is this look enough edgy for you?

edgy 4

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