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11 Very Strict Rules That You Need To Follow If You’re A Princess

You’ve probably encountered a little kid in the past and when asking them “What do you want to be when you grow up?” the answer has been “I want to be a prince/princess!” In fact, maybe you were that kid. But by now, you’ve probably heard of it: there are rules.

While you may think it’s really fun and cool to be a princess, it’s actually quite a bit tougher than it seems.

There are actual rules that the princesses need to follow, and these rules certainly go against how we perceive being part of a royal family.

Here are 11 of those rules.

When we think of being a princess, we tend to think of stuff like this.

Stuff like mattress surfing slumber parties…



And of course, their stunning wardrobes.



And we also think that they have fancy and fun parties like this.


Source:The Global Dispatch

This is what we imagine, right? But, the truth is very different…


Source:ABC News

1. You have to live by the Queen’s household rules.

For example, if the Queen finishes her meal before you, you have to stop eating, regardless of whether you have food left or not.


Source: Express

2. No nicknames.

That’s right, you shed yourself of any childish nicknames before taking the crown.


Source:Good Housekeeping

3. You can’t vote.

While it is legal, it’s considered unconstitutional.


Source:TV Guide

4. You can’t run for political office.

Again, this would be considered unconstitutional.


Source:Deccan Chronicle

5. You need to be well-groomed.

You literally have to dress in the best outfits possible 24/7.



6. You must be as charitable as possible.

Princesses are tasked with finding at least two causes to support as much as possible. Many create their own charities as well.

Rules That Princesses Need To Follow 10


Source:World Relief Fund

7. You have to learn as many languages as possible.

So that when you travel to other countries, you can have basic conversation with members of other royal families.


Source:KDrama Stars

8. You can’t play Monopoly.

Seriously. In 2008, Prince Andrew said that the Royal Family wasn’t allowed to play Monopoly due to the viciousness of the competition.


Source:Blog Blowfish

9. You cannot eat shellfish.

This is due to a fear of getting food poisoning, as their schedules are way too busy to fit in any food poisoning.


Source:Good Housekeeping

10. You’ll have to give up any career you had before, as being a princess is a full-time job.


Source:ABC News

11. Princesses who were formerly commoners can’t enter an event before a blood princess.

Basically, let’s say Kate Middleton wants to enter an event. She can’t enter the event on her own before Princess Anne, but she can if she’s with her spouse Prince William.


Stuff like mattress surfing slumber parties…

So, as it turns out, being a princess is not all fun and games. There are certain rules that need to be followed, and it’s not just parties and wearing a crown. Don’t tell your young ones just yet.

Main Image via: ABC News

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